Sunday, October 4, 2009

Since Departure/before Departure

"Have fun in Korea."

"Have fun in China."

Met and later sang, in a noraebang that looked like the planet at the beginning of Alien, with my replacement, a certified teacher who will do a good job with Pluto Class.

Was bored by grammar talk. This boredom was disappointing because I used to love talking about grammar, but such talks have become just another way of marking who's right and who's wrong. How does one teach a good an English without becoming an asshole? It's possible.

Worked on "Exeunt Omnes." Decided there's been enough ground clearing. "Do you know caveat lector? / It was a child from my songhood. Everything / needed my looking up."

Was bored by drug talk. Anymore crave sobriety.

Sat at a table in the middle of the street in front of a closed-for-the-holiday restaurant with my Scottish friends, Ruth and Walker, enjoying a couple beers. Passing parents encouraged their children to practice their English with us and then to bow. Always a teacher here.

"You're the only person here who never has any trouble understanding my accent."

Was told by my R. and W.'s just-arrived friend that only British English would be used at this table.

Walked home with Megan, who told me everything's different.

Packing. Back.

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